Do COVID Injections Compromise Pure Immunity?

Individuals as Software program Platforms

A couple of months in the past, I wrote an article in regards to the warfare on pure immunity and skill, by which I mentioned how we have been being ushered towards a subscription mannequin below which we must receive a life-time subscription to the unreal immunity service — with boosters from right here into infinity.

The notion of a life-time subscription to a man-made immunity service is dystopian, and I hoped to be mistaken. However alas, the messaging across the want for boosters as a consequence of waning immunity appears to point that that is the place we’re heading, until we do not take part.

The mannequin is predicated on the “Blue Ocean Technique,” which is a enterprise technique that “proposes making a model new market out of skinny air and dominating it (a blue ocean) — versus making an attempt to compete in an current market (an ocean purple with blood).”

For instance, when the web was launched into industrial use, it was a model new market and a “blue ocean,” since no such market had existed prior. The introduction of the web created an entire new “house” that may very well be monetized in numerous methods.

At present’s new industrial frontier is the organic realm and the human physique, “physique as a platform.” In as we speak’s market phrases, the human physique has the market potential of a pure useful resource. You understand how they are saying that information is the brand new oil? If information is the brand new oil, then we’re all information hosts, and we are able to sit up for being handled like oil reserves.

“This is the way it applies to pure immunity. A wholesome individual with a pure immunity may be a cheerful individual — however to a 2021 biotech entrepreneur, who views the human physique as a market to dominate, he’s a sheer insult. From the standpoint of that entrepreneur, changing the default pure immunity of the previous thousands and thousands years with a completely synthetic software that requires a ‘subscription’ all through one’s total lifetime (see ‘variants’ and ‘boosters’) is fascinating.

Changing the default pure immunity with a man-made software is a really profitable case of making a model new market (‘synthetic immunity market’) out of air. A life-long subscription to synthetic immunity, with an ever-expanding vary of mandatory ‘upgrades’ is much more worthwhile than some conventional store promoting nutritional vitamins. Even higher, if synthetic immunity destroys the pure immunity, buyer loyalty is assured.”

On the time when my article in regards to the warfare on pure immunity was printed, it was nonetheless unclear if COVID injections had the potential to undermine our pure broad-spectrum pure immunity. It looks like it will be “good for enterprise” in a psychopathic world however I did not actually wish to suppose in that course, it was too darkish. Since then, nonetheless, a lot of research got here out, they usually look alarming.

Complexity of Innate Immune Response

Earlier than we dig into the research about mRNA vaccines and their impression on our innate immunity, let’s discuss how our immune response works usually, in layman’s phrases. Our innate immune response is a really complicated, coordinated dance between several types of cells and receptors.

All day lengthy, our physique is combating off completely different mutations (i.e. potential cancers, for instance), conserving in verify dormant viruses, and so forth. When our our bodies are of their pure state, our immune techniques get skilled from doing the work. Identical to an athlete or a pianist will get higher from train, completely different parts of our immune system get higher from being uncovered to completely different pathogens and combating them off efficiently.

And identical to an individual who has solved a specific problem will get extra skilled usually and develops the flexibility to unravel different challenges extra successfully, our pure broad immune response additionally “learns” broadly from fixing particular challenges.

With vaccines — which in a great world may very well be a helpful addition to the medical arsenal, if designed and manufactured with complete integrity, completely examined, and used with out fanaticism — it will get tough. The issue is that the scientists’ understanding of the large complexity of how every thing in our physique talks to one another remains to be very restricted.

So after they design an answer to a specific drawback — even with the most effective of intentions — they do not essentially take into account how their resolution impacts us as an entire. Similar applies to medicine, that is form of simply the myopic nature of how issues are executed in our tradition. And once we add commerce and hubris and God is aware of what else to the combination, it will get even trickier.

As a sort of a medical product, vaccines (or medicine) are nearly as good or as defective as our general state of science and commerce. And since our tradition leans on the facet of “transferring quick and breaking issues,” when vaccines are designed to unravel a specific drawback, the measured outcomes are about that drawback alone.

In the true world, nonetheless, we’re complete organisms, and every thing in our our bodies is interconnected and works collectively. Due to this fact, if a drugs or a vaccines solves one drawback on the expense of making one other drawback, then we endure as an entire.

DTP Vaccine: A “Pure Experiment” in Africa

For instance, even earlier than the mRNA vaccines confirmed up in the marketplace, in 2017, a telling research was printed in EBioMedicine. The research was referred to as, “The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Amongst Younger Infants in an City African Group: A Pure Experiment.”

In that research, the researchers noticed a “pure experiment” by which, for logistical causes, one group of infants acquired the DTP vaccine, and one other group of infants did not. Right here is their conclusion:

“DTP was related to 5-fold increased mortality than being unvaccinated. No potential research has proven helpful survival results of DTP. Sadly, DTP is probably the most broadly used vaccine, and the proportion who receives DTP3 is used globally as an indicator of the efficiency of nationwide vaccination packages. It needs to be of concern that the impact of routine vaccinations on all-cause mortality was not examined in randomized trials.

All presently accessible proof means that DTP vaccine could kill extra kids from different causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Although a vaccine protects kids in opposition to the goal illness it might concurrently improve susceptibility to unrelated infections.” [emphasis mine]

If I have been to interpret that research philosophically, I’d say that nature is usually wiser than the scientists — and so when scientists attempt to outsmart nature by pressure with out being humble about how completely they observe the end result of their effort, and with out complete love for the individuals they’re supposed to assist — they virtually inevitably underestimate the complexity of the scenario and break one thing — after which any individual pays the value for his or her restricted imaginative and prescient.

With out complete actually about one’s limitations and with out real love for the individuals, science turns right into a conveyor belt that harms. And that is earlier than including the will of management and earnings to the combination — and that occurs to be the case virtually universally, not simply in medication.

Potential Results of COVID Jabs on Innate Immune Response

Now, in relation to the COVID injections, we discover ourselves in an much more adventurous territory because the product is new and experimental. To ensure that the mRNA vaccine to get into the physique and be allowed by the physique to do what it’s designed to do within the splendid world, the physique’s pure immune response to international mRNA must be turned off — in any other case it’s going to assault the invader on entrance and voila.

Thus, with the present expertise, the physique’s “safety alarm” will get turned off with the intention to let within the mRNA. However after all, that very same safety alarm is usually wanted by the physique, and it’s presently unknown what sort of long-term impact turning it off within the context of those injections has on one’s immunity.

If we’re to have a look at the research which can be beginning to come out now, the general results of turning off the “alarm” may be, nicely, alarming.

In line with a 2021 research (not but peer-reviewed) by a workforce of scientists from the Netherlands and Germany, titled, “The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine in opposition to SARS-CoV-2 reprograms each adaptive and innate immune responses,” the vaccine “modulated the manufacturing of inflammatory cytokines by innate immune cells upon stimulation with each particular (SARS-CoV-2) and non-specific (viral, fungal and bacterial) stimuli.

The response of innate immune cells to TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands was decrease after BNT162b2 vaccination [emphasis mine], whereas fungi-induced cytokine responses have been stronger.”

The paper additional acknowledged the next: “We noticed a important discount within the manufacturing if IFN-α secreted after stimulation with poly I:C and R848 after the administration of the second dose of the vaccine [emphasis mine]. This could hamper the preliminary innate immune response in opposition to the virus [emphasis mine], as defects in TLR7 have been proven to lead to and elevated susceptibility to COVID-19 in younger males.

These outcomes collectively display that the consequences of the BNT162b2 vaccine transcend the adaptive immune system and may also modulate innate immune responses.” [emphasis mine]

In different phrases, the BNT162b2 injection modified the innate immune response and seemingly weakened sure points of it, and nobody actually is aware of or understands the small print and the very long-term penalties.

In case you are curious in regards to the technical element of how the “alarm” will get turned off, this Scientific American article explains what sort of modifications are used within the mRNA vaccines with the intention to trick the physique into letting the international mRNA in.

The article options two scientists: Karikó, senior vp and head of RNA protein alternative therapies at BioNTech, and Weissman, a professor of vaccine analysis on the College of Pennsylvania’s Perelman Faculty of Medication, who have been awarded a $3 million Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for his or her work.

The article says that “when international mRNA is injected into the physique, it causes a robust immune response. However Karikó and Weissman discovered a strategy to tips on how to modify the RNA to make it much less inflammatory by substituting one DNA “letter” molecule for an additional.”

Right here is how the researchers themselves clarify the mechanism in a research referred to as, “Suppression of RNA recognition by Toll-like receptors: the impression of nucleoside modification and the evolutionary origin of RNA”:

“DNA and RNA stimulate the mammalian innate immune system by means of activation of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) … We present that RNA alerts by means of human TLR3, TLR7, and TLR8, however incorporation of modified nucleosides m5C, m6A, m5U, s2U, or pseudouridine ablates exercise” [emphasis mine]

Activation of Beforehand Dormant or Managed Pathogens?

Are there latest research addressing the scientific results of receiving the COVID injections on individuals’s broad immunity? There are a number of. This research titled, “Hepatitis C Virus Reactivation Following COVID-19 Vaccination – A Case Report,” deserved to be quoted intimately:

“Supplies and strategies: Right here, we report a case of an 82-year outdated affected person with dementia who was admitted to a nursing house within the Netherlands. After vaccination with COVID-19 vaccination, bodily examinations and lab checks have been carried out.

Outcomes: She had a reactivation of hepatitis C an infection after vaccination with the mRNA-based Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. This reactivation manifested with jaundice, lack of consciousness, hepatic coma and demise.

Conclusion: This reactivation of hepatitis C virus after vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine suggests a necessity for crucial consideration of people with prior HCV an infection and thought of for COVID-19 vaccination.”

In different phrases, she handed away on account of a hepatitis C an infection that, in response to the researchers, activated after she acquired the injection. Whereas she fortunately lived a protracted life and handed away at 82, nobody is aware of how lengthy she would have lived if she did not get the injection. It is so simple as no person is aware of, and it does not appear like our leaders care to guarantee that that is studied completely earlier than mandating the product on everybody.

One other research titled, “Varicella zoster virus reactivation and mRNA vaccines as a set off” talks in regards to the reactivation of the zoster virus following the mRNA vaccines. It states the next:

“The urged pathogenic mechanism was induced lymphopenia and the practical impairment of lymphocytes, notably CD8+ T cells and pure killer cells.

With regard to COVID-19 vaccines, it’s postulated that, as a product of a large shifting of naïve CD8+ cells, VZV-specific CD8+ cells aren’t briefly able to controlling VZV. The query of why VZV reactivation happens virtually completely with mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines and never with viral vector or inactivated COVID-19 vaccines stays to be answered.” [emphasis mine]

And at last, on this extraordinarily informative interview on The Highwire, Dr. Ryan Cole offers a great clarification of the potential mechanisms of immunosuppression on account of COVID injections. He additionally mentions his observations concerning an alarming development of previously-under-control cancers going out of remission after the administration of COVID injections.

In one other speak, Dr. Cole goes additional into what he believes to be an incredible uptick in cancers post-vaccination, based mostly on the outcomes that he’s seeing in his labs.

Conclusion: Sadly, it seems to be like COVID injections may very well be compromising our broad-spectrum innate immunity no less than to a point — and I want any individual with a conscience had regarded into it very completely earlier than injecting the product into billions of our bodies. Why? As a result of regardless of what the proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution consider us, we’re human beings, not industrial platforms.

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