One other Yr With out A Household Christmas?

Whereas lockdowns had been alleged to be short-term — initially simply a few weeks to “flatten the curve” — almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no finish in sight. Thanksgiving was as soon as once more canceled in lots of components of the U.S., and plenty of authorities leaders once more urged residents to cancel their Christmas celebrations too. The most recent “Omicron” mutation has given bureaucrats extra causes to unleash their energy and lift panic.

What many nonetheless don’t notice is that the worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic has little to do with the unfold of an precise virus, and every thing to do with the deliberate world takeover and implementation of a technocratic agenda referred to as The Nice Reset.

Common masks mandates, social distancing, enterprise shutdowns, on-line working and studying, and quarantining of asymptomatic people are all types of “smooth indoctrination” to get us used to a wholly new, and unfathomably inhumane, lifestyle devoid of our normal rights and freedoms.

The Different Klaus

Klaus Schwab is the founder and government chairman of the World Financial Discussion board. Schwab introduced the World Financial Discussion board’s Nice Reset Agenda in June 2020,1 which incorporates stripping individuals of their privately owned belongings.

Along with being a poster boy for technocracy, Schwab additionally has a powerful transhumanist bend, and wrote the e book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an indicator of which is the merger of man and machine, biology and digital expertise.2

In keeping with Winter Oak — a British nonprofit social justice group — Schwab and his globalist accomplices are utilizing the COVID-19 pandemic “to bypass democratic accountability, to override opposition, to speed up their agenda and to impose it on the remainder of humankind towards our will.”

Best Wealth Switch in Historical past Is Underway

Whereas the Nice Reset plan is being offered as a technique to make life honest and equitable for all, the required sacrifices don’t apply to the technocrats working the system.

Quite the opposite, as famous by Patrick Wooden in an interview with James Delingpole, the wealth distribution and round economies promoted by the technocratic elite won’t ever profit the individuals, as a result of what they’re actually referring to is the redistribution of wealth from the individuals, to themselves.

Proof of this may be seen within the choice to permit massive field shops to stay open through the pandemic whereas forcing small companies to shut, regardless of how small the an infection threat.

There’s actually no rhyme or purpose for such a choice, aside from to shift wealth away from small, personal enterprise homeowners to multinational firms. Greater than half of all small enterprise homeowners concern their companies gained’t survive.3

Because the starting of the pandemic, the collective wealth of 651 billionaires within the U.S. rose by greater than $1 trillion (36%).4 To place their present wealth in perspective, not solely did the variety of billionaires in America swell to 745 through the pandemic, however their belongings grew by $2.1 trillion.5

In keeping with the web publication Inequality, “The $5 trillion in wealth now held by 745 billionaires is two-thirds greater than the $3 trillion in wealth held by the underside 50 p.c of U.S. households estimated by the Federal Reserve Board.”

As famous by Frank Clemente, government director of People for Tax Equity, “By no means earlier than has America seen such an accumulation of wealth in so few arms.”6

That’s technocratic wealth redistribution for you. In the end, The Nice Reset will lead to two tiers or individuals: the technocratic elite, who’ve all the ability and rule over all belongings, and the remainder of humanity, who don’t have any energy, no belongings and no voice.

That the COVID-19 pandemic is a type of class struggle can also be evident in the way in which guidelines are enforced. Whereas residents are threatened with fines and arrest in the event that they don’t do as they’re advised, those that lay down the foundations repeatedly break them with out repercussions.

What Vaccines Need to Do With It

In the event you want extra proof that we’re in the course of a technocratic takeover, look no additional than the mass vaccination agenda and the promotion of faux, lab-grown meat. Invoice Gates, one other frontline technocrat, has repeatedly said that we’ve no alternative however to vaccinate everybody towards COVID-19.

Naturally, he’s closely invested in mentioned vaccine and stands to achieve handsomely from a worldwide mass vaccination marketing campaign. Technocrats are nothing if not self-serving, all whereas pretending to be do-gooders — very similar to COVID Claus in our little video.

Ultimately, your private identification, medical information, funds and who is aware of what else will all be tied collectively and embedded someplace on or in your physique. Each attainable facet of your biology and life actions can be trackable 24/7. Additionally, you will be digitally tied into the web of issues, which ultimately will embrace sensible cities.

All of the totally different components of this large inhabitants management grid match collectively like items of a jigsaw puzzle. The worldwide vaccination agenda ties into the biometric id agenda, which ties into the cashless society agenda, which ties into the social credit score system agenda, which ties into the social engineering agenda and so forth.

If you observe this experiment to its final conclusion, you discover all of humanity enslaved inside a digitized jail with no approach out. Those that insurgent will merely have their digital-everything restricted or shut down.

Faux Meat Is A part of the Reset Too

The rise of faux, lab-grown meat is a puzzle piece of The Nice Reset agenda too. In keeping with the World Financial Discussion board, lab-grown, cultured meat is a extra sustainable different to standard livestock, and sooner or later, we’ll all be consuming quite a bit much less meat. As famous on its web site:7

“Because the world appears to reset its economic system, together with meals methods, in a cleaner approach post-pandemic, yet one more sustainable answer coming to fruition is cultured meat … Cultured meat takes a lot much less time to develop, makes use of fewer of the planet’s sources, and no animals are slaughtered.”

However don’t suppose for a second that this has something to do with environmental safety. No, it’s about controlling the meals provide and stopping meals independence.

Already, multinational firms have taken over a majority of the worldwide meals provide with their patented genetically engineered seeds. Patented cultured meats and seafood will enable personal firms to manage the meals provide in its entirety, and by controlling the meals provide, they may management international locations and whole populations.

Public well being will undoubtedly endure from this dietary change, as canola and safflower oil8 are major sources of fats in these pretend meat concoctions. Vegetable oils are loaded with linoleic acid (LA), an omega-6 fats that, in extra, acts as a metabolic poison, inflicting extreme mitochondrial dysfunction, insulin resistance, decreased NAD+ ranges, weight problems and a radical lower in your potential to generate mobile power.

Our LA consumption 150 years in the past was between 2 and three grams per day. At the moment it’s 10 to twenty instances increased. If pretend meat turns into a staple, the typical LA consumption is sure to extend even additional.

Make a Christmas Vow to Undo The Nice Reset

The Nice Reset is nicely underway, however it’s not but too late to cease it. Sufficient individuals should see it and perceive it, although. After which they need to act. If we wish to forestall The Nice Reset from destroying life as we all know it, we should view civil disobedience as an obligation. We should resist it from each angle.

We should reclaim our sovereignty, our proper to dwell free, to open our companies and transfer about freely. We should talk with our elected leaders and demand they not infringe on our constitutional rights. We now have to interact in political processes and assist educate our native sheriffs of their function as defenders of the structure. We may must assist authorized challenges.

A small step in the suitable course which you could take proper now can be to rejoice Christmas such as you usually would this week, and never enable the Klaus Schwabs and Invoice Gateses of the world rob you of invaluable time with household and pals.

There aren’t any ensures on this life, and for a lot of, this can be their final Christmas. So, spend it nicely. Cherish life by truly dwelling it and spending it with these you’re keen on. Refusing to surrender our humanity is how we resist The Nice Reset.

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