Physician Tips about What to Keep away from With Migraines

What in the event you may ask a few of the nation’s prime migraine medical doctors for recommendation on tips on how to get management of your complications? We did!

First, Cease the Self-Blame

“Sufferers come to me and say, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have had that tumbler of wine after I went out to dinner,’ or ‘I shouldn’t have stayed up so late.’ Loads of my migraine sufferers are sort A personalities who’re very profitable and overachievers. I inform them it’s OK to slide up each from time to time. You may’t forestall your migraines 100%. Berating your self solely raises your stress ranges, and we all know stress is a prime set off of migraine.”

Mary Ann Mays, MD

Drop the Additional Kilos

“We’ve recognized for some time that people who find themselves overweight usually tend to get migraines. They’re additionally extra prone to have continual migraine, which suggests they get at the least eight a month. One idea is that your additional fats cells produce inflammatory proteins that set off these complications. The excellent news is in the event you drop a few pounds, analysis exhibits your migraines will enhance.”

Alan Rapoport, MD


Ditch the ‘Headache Weight-reduction plan’

“About 30% of migraine sufferers have at the least one meals set off. However the record of meals that may probably trigger issues is overwhelming. Additionally, many of the details about meals triggers is anecdotal, not based mostly on research. That’s why I don’t suggest that my sufferers go on a particular ‘headache’ weight loss program or keep away from sure meals. Why pressure them to keep away from issues they take pleasure in, when they could not even be a set off within the first place? As a substitute, on the times they get a headache, I’ve them suppose again to what they’ve eaten over the previous 24 hours. If any of the meals are on the set off record, they will keep away from them for a few weeks to see if that makes a distinction.”

Merle Diamond, MD

Get Therapy

“It sounds apparent, nevertheless it actually isn’t. Greater than half of all individuals who get migraines are by no means identified. They’re at dwelling, treating their complications with over-the-counter medicines. However that is unhealthy. First, they’re dwelling with debilitating ache after they don’t have to. Secondly, they find yourself taking over-the-counter ache relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen a number of occasions per week, which might result in what’s generally known as treatment overuse headache. This in itself turns into an enormous headache to cope with. Your major care doctor is an effective begin, however in the event you can’t discover reduction, see a headache specialist.”

Mary Ann Mays, MD

Take into account Complementary Drugs

“There are a couple of dietary supplements I like to recommend to my sufferers. None are a panacea, however they will typically assist together with conventional prescription medicines. They embrace:

  • Butterbur. The same old dose is 50-75 milligrams twice a day. I personally haven’t discovered it to be too efficient in my observe, though one among my most difficult sufferers swears that she’s been cured by it
  • Magnesium, 400 milligrams a day
  • Melatonin, taken an hour or so earlier than bedtime to regularize sleep
  • Co-enzyme Q10. Often, 300 milligrams a day
  • Vitamin B2. 400 milligrams a day

Often, I begin with one for my sufferers, and in the event that they don’t reply, I add a second. And in the event that they nonetheless don’t reply however don’t have any negative effects, then I add a 3rd.”

Alan Rapoport, MD

Have a Headache Plan

“The higher it’s, the much less probably you’ll be to finish up within the ER. Loads of my sufferers want a three-prong technique. The primary prong is an acute treatment like a prescription triptan or ergot, to take as soon as you’re feeling your headache approaching. Then there’s a rescue treatment, like a prescription-strength NSAID, which you’ll take if that first treatment didn’t work. Lastly, in the event you get greater than eight complications a month, you’ll most likely have to be on a preventative treatment like a beta-blocker or CGRP antagonist. If, in any case this, you’re nonetheless touchdown within the ER, otherwise you’re lacking work due to your complications, you want to see your headache specialist once more to provide you with a greater plan. “

Merle Diamond, MD

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