Pressured Vaccination Was All the time the Finish Recreation

Aside from Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001, People haven’t been attacked by an enemy on our personal soil. In contrast to international locations in Europe throughout World Conflict II, America has by no means been occupied by a army pressure or locked down beneath martial legislation. We’ve got by no means seen troopers in armored autos patrolling the streets, warning us to remain in our properties or face arrest — or worse.

Starting in 1776, when our freedom-seeking founders wrote the Declaration of Independence1 and stood their floor from Lexington and Harmony to Saratoga and Valley Forge,2 after which got here collectively to create a constitutional Republic devoted to defending particular person and minority rights,3 the USA of America has outlined and served as a beacon for liberty for folks all over the world.4

This summer time, we watched troopers patrolling the streets of Sydney, Australia, with helicopters overhead blaring warnings to a surprised, locked-down folks to remain of their properties within the title of the general public well being.5,6,7 We’ve got watched lots of of hundreds of individuals, younger and outdated, collect collectively many times within the streets of Paris, London, Rome, Athens and Berlin.8,9,10,11,12

They’re marching in opposition to authoritarianism, the type of Orwellian authoritarianism embodied in authorities issued vaccine passports that punish residents for merely defending the precise to make a voluntary medical choice for themselves and their minor kids,13 a call about whether or not to be injected with a organic pharmaceutical product that may trigger critical reactions,14,15,16,17 injure,18,19,20,21 kill22,23,24 or fail to work.25,26,27,28 The indicators they carry say:

“No pressured testing, no pressured vaccines”

“Cease the dictatorship”

“Palms off our youngsters”

“My physique is mine”

“Huge Pharma shackles freedom”

“No to the Cross of disgrace”

“Higher to die free than reside as a slave”

In what has turn out to be a prophetic primal scream for liberty, governments are ordering the police to interrupt up the largely peaceable demonstrators29,30 flooding the large cities and small villages of western Europe, the primary populations to arrange large public protests in opposition to quaint tyranny dressed up in twenty first century garments.

The folks of Europe had been the primary to face up for freedom throughout this government-declared public well being emergency as a result of they know the way tyranny begins. They know what it seems like they usually keep in mind what it appears like. They keep in mind and are declaring, “By no means once more.”

In America, We Have Taken Our Freedom for Granted

Most People residing immediately don’t keep in mind World Conflict II or, in the event that they do, it’s by means of what their dad and mom or grandparents advised them about it. World Conflict II was not fought on American soil.

People went to conflict in Europe to cease the slaughter of hundreds of thousands by the hands of an authoritarian fascist authorities commanding the Military of the Third Reich that killed within the title of the general public well being and security,31,32 even an authoritarian communist authorities slaughtered many extra hundreds of thousands throughout a “Reign of Terror” within the Soviet Union.33

Most American kids immediately are usually not taught what occurred in China after World Conflict II, when the Chinese language Communist Social gathering (CCP) carried out the Nice Leap Ahead and the Nice Proletarian Cultural Revolution. These militant ideological cleaning campaigns imprisoned and killed tens of hundreds of thousands of residents as a result of they criticized or opposed authoritarian authorities insurance policies.34,35

In America, we now have taken our freedom as a right as a result of, whereas we now have been keen to struggle to defend the liberty of others, we now have by no means been referred to as upon to defend it in our personal yard. Most People have by no means imagined we’d expertise a critical risk to autonomy and freedom of thought,36,37 speech,38,39 conscience40,41 and meeting.42

So deep has been our belief within the legal guidelines and cultural values which have, for probably the most half, ensured elementary freedoms in our nation, that we by no means believed it may occur right here.43,44

However the final 20 months have modified all the pieces. Many People have begun to know that tyranny might be disguised to appear like security, at the same time as many others nonetheless can’t deliver themselves to imagine it.

America’s Transfer Towards Authoritarianism

Hanging concern into the hearts and minds of the folks, the transfer towards authoritarianism in America started with authorities officers out of the blue telling us — even kids as younger as 2 years outdated — that we couldn’t breathe recent air or enter public areas and not using a masks protecting our face.45,46,47,48,49

Hundreds of thousands of American staff judged to be “nonessential” misplaced the power to earn a residing so they may eat and pay hire throughout “flatten the curve” lockdowns we had been advised would solely final a couple of weeks however, as an alternative, went on for months.50,51,52 Anybody who criticized authorities narratives concerning the origin of SARS-CoV-2 virus53,54 or questioned social distancing restrictions was instantly publicly shamed and censored.55,56,57

Any docs who tried to offer early remedy to COVID-19 sufferers by repurposing protected and efficient licensed medication and dietary dietary supplements to assist their sufferers survive the an infection58 had been additionally publicly shamed and censored.59,60

After the FDA granted Pfizer and Moderna an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)61 in December 2020 to distribute their liability-free experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines within the U.S.,62,63,64,65 public well being officers enlisted massive companies to launch a hard-sell nationwide vaccine promoting marketing campaign focusing on all People over the age of 12.66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73

Anybody who requested questions or challenged the exhausting promote was instantly censored on social media.74,75,76,77 State governments and employers had been inspired to threaten staff,78 particularly well being care staff and emergency responders, with lack of their jobs for refusing the vaccine.79,80,81,82 Personal companies had been inspired to disclaim unvaccinated residents entry to eating places, shops and different public venues.83

By the top of July 2021, the Division of Veteran Affairs directed all VA well being care staff to be totally vaccinated or lose their jobs.84 In early August, the Division of Protection introduced that every one army service members have to be totally vaccinated when the FDA formally licenses a COVID-19 vaccine or lose their jobs.85

All of a sudden, on August 23, 2021, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was licensed and not using a public assembly of the FDA Vaccines and Associated Organic Merchandise Advisory Committee (VRPBAC) and full disclosure of the scientific knowledge supporting licensure.86

By the top of August, about 176 million People had been “totally” vaccinated, representing 53.6 % of our inhabitants of 333 million folks,87 which is the third largest on the planet. And research had confirmed that the SARS-CoV-2 an infection mortality ratio (IFR) within the U.S. stays at lower than 1%.88

Federal Authorities Declares Conflict on Unvaccinated People

However the govt department of the US authorities was not completely happy. Federal well being officers had publicly set the aim of persuading 90 % of People to get the COVID vaccine,89 though it’s clear now that the actual aim all alongside was a 100% vaccination price: no exceptions and no questions requested.

Originally of September 2021, the politics of persuasion gave option to an iron-fisted strategy utilizing the heel of the boot of the state to attempt to membership 100 million unvaccinated People into submission. On September 9, 2021, the president of the USA adopted the recommendation of high public well being officers and, in impact, declared conflict on unvaccinated People.90,91

He scapegoated and positioned all of the blame for the continuing COVID-19 pandemic on the unvaccinated, though federal well being officers admit that totally vaccinated folks can nonetheless get contaminated and transmit the virus to others;92,93,94,95 and though breakthrough COVID infections, hospitalizations and deaths in totally vaccinated persons are on the rise;96,97 and though proof exhibits people who’ve recovered from the an infection have stronger pure immunity than those that have been vaccinated;98 and though officers on the World Well being Group now say that the SARS-COV-2 virus is mutating like influenza and is more likely to turn out to be prevalent in each county — irrespective of how excessive the vaccination price.99,100

The president advised 100 million unvaccinated People that “our persistence is working skinny” and issued an Govt Order that each individual working for the chief department of the federal authorities — greater than 2 million folks — should get totally vaccinated or lose their jobs.101 That order additionally utilized to about 17 million well being care professionals working in medical amenities that settle for Medicare and Medicaid.102

There isn’t any possibility for govt department workers to get examined — the rule is get vaccinated or be fired. It’s attention-grabbing that the order doesn’t apply to staff within the judicial department or legislative department, which incorporates members of and staffers in Congress.

The president additionally ordered the Division of Labor to concern a rule that carries penalties of $14,000 per violation to pressure personal firms with greater than 100 workers to get their staff totally vaccinated or be examined weekly. He additionally referred to as for all academics and college employees in all colleges to be totally vaccinated.103,104

The subsequent day, the director of the Nationwide Institute of Allergy and Infectious Ailments, Dr. Anthony Fauci, criticized the president for not going far sufficient.105 Fauci mentioned the federal government ought to give People no possibility however to get injected with the organic product that some describe as a vaccine, others characterize as a genetic remedy or cell disrupter organic, and others allege is a bioweapon made in a lab in China with U.S. funding.106,107,108

Then Fauci mentioned all kids have to be vaccinated or denied a college schooling109 and all unvaccinated folks have to be banned from getting on an airplane.110 On the similar time, a Virginia congressman launched the Security Journey Act that might require vacationers getting on a aircraft or Amtrak practice within the U.S. to point out proof of COVID vaccination or a destructive COVID take a look at inside 72 hours of boarding.111

Destroying the Lives of These Who Dissent

As we speak, folks in some cities are being denied entrance to eating places and shops if they’ll’t show they’ve been “totally” vaccinated.112 Docs are refusing to offer medical care to the unvaccinated.113 Hollywood entertainers are celebrating the deaths of unvaccinated folks, saying they deserved to die, and are calling for the unvaccinated who get COVID to be denied admission to hospitals for remedy.114,115

Judges are separating kids from moms who haven’t gotten a COVID shot.116 Influential scientists are insisting lawmakers make it a hate crime for anybody to publicly criticize scientists and authorities well being officers.117

Dissenters are advised they’re “egocentric”118 and characterised as an enemy of the state119 for merely defending the human proper to knowledgeable consent to medical danger taking.120 The normalizing of the ritualistic persecution of People who’re refusing to surrender the precise to autonomy — which is the primary and most elementary human proper — is underway. The Orwellian message is: The lifetime of any one who dissents from authorities coverage have to be systematically destroyed.

Demanding obedience, authorities well being officers characterize public well being insurance policies that segregate, discriminate and switch folks in opposition to one another as “the nice.” But, a whole lot of People instinctively know segregation and discrimination are usually not good. They know that persuading a majority of residents to scapegoat a minority of residents to cowl up the failures of presidency is permitting evil to triumph.

Dissenting People, each vaccinated and unvaccinated, fill the ranks of each socioeconomic class, each political celebration and each faith-based group. They perceive the which means of the warning that, “The one factor obligatory for triumph of evil is for good males to do nothing,” and they don’t seem to be going to face by and do nothing.

When authorities threatens to remove a person’s proper to employment, schooling, well being care and the power to enter a retailer to purchase meals, enter a hospital or journey on public transportation, there isn’t a different phrase for it however tyranny.

Weaponizing a Virus and a Vaccine In opposition to the Individuals

This virus, which has a 99% survival price, and this leaky vaccine, which fails to reliably forestall an infection and transmission within the totally vaccinated, has racked up a record-breaking greater than half 1,000,000 vaccine hostile occasion reviews within the U.S. alone.121 It is not going to be the final virus and vaccine to be weaponized in opposition to the folks within the title of the better good.

That’s as a result of pressured vaccination is the tip of the spear in a tradition conflict that has been occurring for for much longer than the 40 years that I’ve been a vaccine security and human rights activist publicly warning that today would come.122,123,124 It’s a conflict that may trigger extra struggling till sufficient of us refuse to be siloed and, as an alternative, be a part of collectively to alter harmful legal guidelines that abuse the belief and good will of the folks.

Each single American, whether or not you’ve gotten been vaccinated or not, ought to cease to replicate upon what is occurring in our nation. Take into consideration what liberty means.

Think about What Life Will Be Like within the Future

Think about what life can be like sooner or later for those who can’t depart your house with out being harnessed to a government-issued digital ID, which accommodates private details about your physique and your life, and is attached to an digital surveillance system that data and controls each transfer you make.

Think about in case you are a well being care employee and your medical license is taken from you for refusing to get a government-mandated vaccine, which is a public well being coverage being carried out in Washington, D.C.,125 a metropolis the place docs can now vaccinate kids as younger as 11 years outdated with out the data or consent of their dad and mom.126

Think about for those who can’t maintain any sort of job or enter a grocery retailer to purchase meals to feed your loved ones, or enter a drug retailer, cafe, fitness center, college,127 cinema, museum, park or seashore with out exhibiting proof you’ve been vaccinated. 

Think about in case you are denied entrance to a health care provider’s workplace or lose your Medicare and Social Safety advantages since you don’t have the vaccine passport, a suggestion made lately on nationwide tv.128

Think about for those who can’t get on a aircraft or bus to go to your kids or aged dad and mom as a result of federal authorities officers have exercised authority over inter-state commerce and banned the unvaccinated from crossing state borders, an motion that some proponents of pressured vaccination are urging the present administration to invoke.129,130

Think about for those who can’t get a driver’s license, file your taxes, open or entry your checking account or use a bank card to make a purchase order for those who fail to provide the required vaccine paperwork stamped by the federal government.

Think about for those who or your little one have already suffered a earlier critical vaccine response or have an underlying inflammatory immune dysfunction that will increase your danger for being harmed by vaccination,131,132,133 however docs refuse to see you since you are unvaccinated — which is already taking place in America — and you might be denied admission to a hospital for a life-saving operation.

Pressured Vaccination Was All the time the Finish Recreation

If you happen to suppose that the vaccine passport is just about this virus and this vaccine, suppose once more. Pressured vaccination was all the time the top sport each earlier than and through this pandemic and the proof of that lies within the many years of federal laws and federal company rule making paving the way in which for what we’re experiencing immediately.134,135,136,137,138

Proper now, pressured vaccination is the quickest means to what the World Financial Discussion board transparently describes on its web site as “The Nice Reset.”139 You, your kids and grandchildren are the commodity, and within the title of the better good, you might be anticipated to obediently permit others to “reset” your lives in every kind of the way with out making a sound.

The federal government-issued passport permitting you to operate in society is simply step one on the slippery slope to what can be many extra necessities and restrictions in your freedom within the days, months and years to come back. The query is: Will you permit your self for use and abused by these at present holding the ability to do what they wish to do to you, or will you defend your God-given proper to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

This pandemic of deception and incompetence has stolen from our day by day lives the peace and pleasure we should have, leaving too many people confused and paralyzed by concern, divided from our household and buddies, crippled with anxiousness and despair, permitting hopelessness to rule our days.

We Can Refuse to Dwell in Concern and Push Again

It doesn’t must be like this. We will refuse to be psychologically manipulated so we’re unable to interact in rational pondering and are crippled by concern. We will push again in opposition to the authoritarians taking away our freedom and making an attempt to divide us.

We will do it the way in which that every one profitable social reform actions earlier than us have completed it: by means of actively collaborating in native, state and federal authorities and by partaking in nonviolent civil disobedience,140 if that turns into obligatory.

As an alternative of permitting ourselves to be separated from each other, we are able to keep linked and meet collectively in small teams in our properties and neighborhoods. We will develop private relationships with our elected officers at each degree of presidency — from our native sheriff and elected members of native college boards and metropolis and county councils, to our elected state and federal legislators.

If we don’t like the way in which the folks we now have elected are governing, we are able to vote them out, or run for workplace ourselves and assist change the legal guidelines.

We will discuss to the younger women and men serving in our group police departments and the U.S. army to remind them of how vital it’s to worth and shield human rights and civil liberties, in order that if they’re ever referred to as upon to implement authoritarian rule, they are going to make the precise selection.

Above all, we might be self-disciplined and make rational choices that don’t result in violent confrontations, as a result of that type of conduct solely performs into the arms of these, whose final aim is to remove autonomy and extra particular person freedoms in the USA.

Throughout the civil rights motion of the Nineteen Fifties and ‘60s, probably the most profound statements had been made by those that sat down within the entrance of the bus, or in a chair at a segregated restaurant or different public place, and easily refused to maneuver.141

Heroes Standing Their Floor and Serving to Us By This

There are restaurant homeowners in New York Metropolis who’re refusing to comply with orders directing them to discriminate in opposition to and deny service to the unvaccinated.142,143

There are veteran well being care staff on the entrance traces caring for sufferers through the pandemic, who’re being fired for supporting knowledgeable consent rights,144,145 and giving up their careers to face on precept. Lots of them suspect that the subsequent merciless order they are going to be advised to obey is to disclaim life-saving medical remedy to unvaccinated sufferers.

There are company CEO’s and union leaders who’re refusing to bow to political strain to require rank and file staff to get the vaccine or danger dropping their jobs.146,147

There are brave docs and scientists, who’ve by no means spoken out publicly earlier than who’re risking their careers by demanding that mass vaccination insurance policies be backed up by good science;148,149 who’re difficult the federal government’s narrative that pure immunity is not so good as vaccine-acquired immunity;150 who’re criticizing the long-term security of mRNA vaccines,151 and who’re offering convincing proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus didn’t spontaneously bounce out of a bat however was genetically engineered by scientists in biohazard labs.152

There are state lawmakers, who’re listening to the folks and refusing to vote for the passage of pressured vaccination legal guidelines that perpetuate the phantasm that vaccine passports are the one resolution to ending the pandemic.153,154

These People are rejecting authoritarianism. They’re heroes, and they’re on the precise facet of historical past.

They and lots of different courageous People are serving to us make our approach by means of this time of concern, oppression and struggling when the cultural values and beliefs which have assured freedom on this nice nation of ours are being examined.

Restoring the Spirit of Freedom to the Heart of Our Tradition

I imagine we’ll come collectively and move this take a look at. We are going to act responsibly to guard our liberty. We are going to restore the spirit of freedom to its rightful place on the middle of our tradition. 

We are going to do it as a result of we all know that if the state can tag, observe down and pressure people in opposition to their will to be injected with biologicals of recognized and unknown toxicity immediately, then there can be no restrict on which particular person freedoms the state can take away within the title of the better good tomorrow.

You’ll be able to select to be a hero wherever you reside. You’ll be able to select to reject the ugly name to disgrace and punish your pals, members of the family, neighbors, colleagues and fellow residents for defending the human proper to autonomy and safety of bodily integrity, which is the essence of the knowledgeable consent ethic. You’ll be able to select freedom over concern.

Be the one who by no means has to say you didn’t do immediately what you can have completed to alter tomorrow. Do it for your self, your kids and grandchildren, and for all of the generations to come back. It’s your well being, your loved ones, your selection. And our mission continues: No pressured vaccination. Not in America.

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