The Actual Anthony Fauci

On this interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental activist and legal professional turned final freedom fighter, discusses his newest ebook, “The Actual Anthony Fauci: Invoice Gates, Large Pharma, and the International Battle on Democracy and Public Well being,” which is a must-read if you wish to know extra concerning the behind-the-scenes of this big fraud. We may speak for hours and never cowl however a fraction of what is on this ebook, which Kennedy calls a “devastating indictment of Tony Fauci.”

In a nutshell, Kennedy describes how Fauci turned the Nationwide Institutes of Well being into an incubator for pharmaceutical merchandise, and primarily offered your entire nation to the drug trade. The ebook is an extremely well-referenced document of his historical past of decimating human well being, and exposes him as a self-serving charlatan.

I significantly loved how Kennedy positioned Fauci within the context of Rockefeller’s legacy with respect to Invoice Gates, who developed an alliance with Fauci over 20 years in the past. Rockefeller set us on a course of poisonous, profit-driven medicines synthesized from the byproducts of the oil refinery course of a century in the past, and Gates picked up the place he left off after which collaborated closely with Fauci.

The Decade of Vaccines

Fauci, in flip, has had a hand in creating the vaccine gold rush. In 2000, he met with Invoice Gates, who requested to companion with the NIH in an settlement to vaccinate your entire inhabitants of the world with a battery of recent vaccines. In 2009, this settlement was rebranded as “The Decade of Vaccines,” the target of which was to implement necessary vaccinations for each grownup and little one on the planet by the 12 months 2020.

“I present how they use the pandemic simulations, working very intently with the intelligence businesses, with the large media corporations and the most important pharmaceutical corporations to make that occur,” Kennedy says.

“Gates calls what he does philanthropy capitalism, [the idea that] you should utilize philanthropy to generate profits. He had a basis the place he has sheltered $50 billion in tax-free cash. And, he continues to have absolute management over it. He makes use of that cash to realize management of public well being businesses in our nation and the World Well being Group.

He is created a variety of his personal [organizations] with Dr. Fauci and a variety of these quasi-governmental businesses that folks suppose are governmental. They’re truly entrance teams of the pharmaceutical trade like GAVI and SEPI …

He makes use of this battery and this management of the WHO to set pharmaceutical or medical coverage, public well being coverage across the globe, in a means that maximizes the earnings from his stakeholding in these huge pharmaceutical corporations.

I additionally present he is concurrently doing the identical factor to regulate the worldwide meals provide … [He’s] actually making an attempt to alter each public well being and meals insurance policies in ways in which profit firms that he is invested in and that he is partnered with.”

Fauci’s Deadly Dealing with of the AIDS Epidemic

Gates didn’t lure Fauci to the darkish aspect, nevertheless. Fauci had already spent many years enjoying with folks’s lives and sacrificing public well being for revenue. One of many darkest stains on Fauci’s profession, other than his position within the COVID pandemic, was his dealing with of the HIV epidemic.

The primary instances of AIDS surfaced in 1981. Initially, the AIDS program was run by the Nationwide Most cancers Institute, a separate institute contained in the Well being and Human Companies Division (HHS). The final perception was that AIDS had a chemical etiology brought on by drug use. This all modified when the HIV virus was found.

Fauci began working for the NIH in 1968 as a medical affiliate within the Laboratory of Medical Investigation at Nationwide Institute for Allergy and Infectious Illnesses (NIAID). He grew to become director of the NIAID in 1984, the 12 months after the invention of the HIV virus, and was appointed director of the Workplace of AIDS Analysis in 1988, when that workplace was established. As defined by Kennedy, Fauci primarily constructed the NIAID round an AIDS drug referred to as AZT.

“AZT was a chemotherapy formulation that was so poisonous it killed all of the rats once they gave it to them. The inventor of AZT felt that it was unsafe for any human use, so he did not even patent it,” Kennedy says.

“Very early on, the Nationwide Most cancers Institute had discovered that once you put AZT in a tradition of HIV, that killed the HIV, not surprisingly. It killed something it touched. And so, Fauci partnered with the producer of AZT … He guided that formulation via the regulatory course of and tried to quick monitor it. He cheated terribly on the medical trials.

Within the medical trials, it was killing all people. It actually kills all people who takes it. However he was capable of hold the folks within the remedy group alive by giving them big numbers of blood transfusions. It does hold them alive for the eight weeks, and based mostly upon that eight-week trial, he bought approval for AZT. It was unprecedented.

As Kary Mullis, who gained the Nobel Prize for locating the polymerase chain-reaction (PCR) approach, stated, with any chemotherapy drug, you are supposed to provide it to any person for 2 weeks. Chemotherapy is designed to kill each cell within the physique, however hopefully it kills tumor cells first, and you may take the particular person off it. The tumor dies, for those who time it proper, and the particular person does not die.

Should you put any person on that for all times, like Tony Fauci was doing, each one in all them goes to die. And that is what occurred. In the meantime, there have been a variety of medication at the moment that had been being repurposed. Native, community-based docs in San Francisco and New York who had been treating the AIDS group had been discovering that these medication handled the signs of AIDS, and so they stopped folks from dying.

Fauci made a deliberate campaign to sabotage these, to verify they weren’t out there to sick folks, so as to be sure that AZT could be the one resolution. And AZT was the most costly drug in historical past. It was $10,000 for a one-year provide [while costing just $5 per dose to manufacture, plus U.S. taxpayers paid for all of the research and development of the drug] …

Tony Fauci principally created this template that he then used over the subsequent 45 years, to develop poisonous drug after poisonous drug. He killed early remedy, and killed any protocol that competed together with his pharmaceutical enterprise. Lots of people have died [as a result].”

Though a bonanza of cash was made with AZT, it pales compared to Pfizer making out like a bandit with its COVID shot. The U.S. taxpayers paid $20 billion to fund the analysis, and one other $10 billion to market the COVID jab. Pfizer created the best-selling drug on the planet and can make $35 billion from it this 12 months.1 Even higher, in contrast to AZT, that is completely risk-free and so they can by no means be sued for accidents.

The whole lot in Fauci’s Profession Is Groundhog Day

An estimated 330,000 folks have died from AZT alone. Total, the similarities between the AZT scandal and what’s occurring as we speak with the COVID jab and remdesivir are putting. Once more, Fauci has discouraged the usage of any prevention for COVID-19, and any remedy utilizing cheap and comparatively unhazardous medication comparable to hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

U.S. taxpayers funded the analysis whereas drug corporations have made an estimated $100 billion in earnings from the pictures in a single 12 months, all whereas having zero legal responsibility for accidents and deaths at the same time as persons are being coerced into taking them.

“The whole lot in Tony Fauci’s profession is Groundhog Day,” Kennedy says. “Once more, and once more, and once more, he’s repeating the identical conduct and it’s paying off. And he has this manner of speaking the place he by no means actually says something. And this behavior of simply mendacity, and mendacity, and mendacity …

I knew loads about what occurred in the course of the HIV disaster as a result of my uncle, Ted Kennedy, was chair of a well being committee at the moment. Teddy was the primary presidential candidate to court docket the homosexual vote, and I used to be working his marketing campaign at the moment …

Within the well being committee, his major concern for more often than not was AIDS. I discuss this in my ebook.

Lastly, Fauci was referred to as in entrance of Congress, and was simply fileted. Henry Waxman and all of those well-known Democratic congressmen had been saying, ‘What the hell are you doing? You have produced nothing. You are completely incompetent.’ After that, his profession was over, and he determined at that time, ‘OK, I will work on getting these repurposed medication in the marketplace.’

He did that for a few years, and he had a venture, which was a twin monitor venture the place they might, with out going via the medical trials and FDA randomized, placebo managed trials, they might get approval for these medication, so that folks may get insurance coverage for them and pay for them. So, I used to be deeply concerned on this for a lot of, a few years, and I’ve identified Tony Fauci for a very long time.

I’ve insights on who he actually is, that the majority liberal Democrats are completely unaware of. He’s the other of all the things they imagine. He’s the architect who turned our public well being system over to the pharmaceutical trade. He doesn’t do public well being. And there’s no metric at NIH, the place they appear and say, ‘We’re enhancing public well being.’

The one metric they’ve is, ‘What number of vaccines have we given? What number of pharmaceutical medication have we offered? How a lot kickback cash are we stepping into the company?’ As I clarify within the ebook, this company has turn out to be an incubator for the pharmaceutical trade.”

Acquire-of-Operate Analysis Underneath Fauci’s Watch

Fauci is chargeable for an annual finances of about $6.1 billion. He will get one other $1.6 billion from the army to do bioweapons analysis, which is the place 68% of his $437,000 a 12 months wage comes from. (Fauci is the highest-paid federal worker within the U.S. Second-highest is the president, at $400,000 a 12 months.)

“That is why he had to do this gain-of-function shenanigans in Wuhan,” Kennedy says. “He needed to do it, as a result of he needed to maintain on to his wage. And most of his wage comes from bioweapons analysis …

Acquire-of-function analysis has by no means supplied a single scientific or medical improvement that has assisted us in responding to pandemics. Not one. However Fauci continues to do it, as a result of it’s crucial to his wage. And it is important to that funding stream.”

Now, the majority of the NIAID’s funding was supposed for use to check American well being and to enhance it; to remove infectious allergic ailments and autoimmune ailments. As an alternative, below Fauci’s watch, the continual illness epidemic has exploded.

This, even if between Fauci, Gates and the U.Okay. Wellcome Belief, they management 63% of the biomedical analysis on earth via their funding. Over his profession, Fauci alone has distributed greater than $930 billion in analysis grants via the NIAID. You can say they management all of it, actually, as a result of in addition they have the capability to dry up funding to initiatives they don’t need performed.

Ruthless Fauci

Living proof: One thing occurred in 1989, triggering a collection of epidemics — autism, meals allergy symptoms, Tourette’s Syndrome, narcolepsy, ADD/ADHD, speech delay, language delay, rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune ailments like juvenile diabetes. All of them sprang up proper round 1989. Why? What’s inflicting them? It’s Fauci’s job to search out out, however he refuses to, and he blocks anybody else from digging too deep.

“Tony Fauci’s job is to say, why did that occur? It must be an environmental toxin. Genes do not trigger epidemics. They supply the vulnerability, however they can not trigger an epidemic. You want an environmental toxin. All we have now to do is work out which one began in ’89, and have become ubiquitous the identical 12 months. But when anyone tries to do this research, Fauci will destroy their profession.”

High suspects embody vaccines, which dramatically elevated in ’89, and just about the entire continual ailments which have skyrocketed are listed as potential unwanted effects on the producers’ inserts. The herbicide glyphosate additionally grew to become ubiquitous round that point, and actually exploded in 1993 when RoundUp Prepared corn was invented. GMOs, different pesticides, ultrasound and PFOAs are different potential culprits.

“Our youngsters are swimming round in a poisonous soup. And it may very well be all of these issues, or it may very well be one or one other, nevertheless it’s simple to search out out. You simply do the science. And that science is straightforward to do, however it would by no means be performed so long as Tony Fauci’s in workplace, as a result of he does not need us to know — as a result of these are the industries he has survived by defending,” Kennedy says.

Fauci Works on Behalf of Large Pharma

Kennedy goes on to clarify how Fauci works on behalf of Large Pharma, and why he’s turn out to be so essential for the drug trade.

“Between 2009 and 2016, about 230 medication had been accredited by the FDA, all of which got here out of his store. So, he’s an incubator for Pharma.

And this is what he does: At his lab, he has petri dishes stuffed with each virus [imaginable], and he has scientists which might be messing round with completely different molecules and completely different poisons, and so they’ll drop these poisons right into a petri dish and see if it kills the tradition. If it kills the tradition, then he has a possible antiviral drug.

The subsequent step is, they offer it to rats, and see if it kills the rats. If a lot of the rats survive, now you’ve got a possible antiviral which will work in people. Then, he farms it out to an enormous college. Now the particular person it goes to on the college is often a really highly effective particular person. It is the dean of the medical college, or the chair of one of many departments, and so they run the medical trials, which is extraordinarily profitable.

So, they may do the Part 1 trial, and so they’ll recruit perhaps 100 folks for the trial. Fauci offers that principal investigator perhaps $20,000 per recruit. The college skims off 50% to 75% of that. So, now, that college is hooked into the system.

Then, if the drug works in Part 1 and Part 2, then they’ve to herald huge teams of individuals — 10,000 folks — and also you’re speaking about a whole bunch of tens of millions of {dollars}. They usually have to herald a pharmaceutical firm that now takes management of about half the patent.

Tony Fauci’s company retains a share of the patent. For instance, they now gather royalties on the Moderna [COVID] vaccine. [The NIAID] will get half the royalties, billions of {dollars}. The college researcher retains a number of the patent, so he’s now completely connected to Tony Fauci and can do something he says, and the college itself is getting a few of that patent.

So, it is a whole bunch of tens of millions of {dollars} which might be going to those universities yearly, along with the grants that he is giving, and he can reduce all that off if any person on the college does the improper research.

As soon as the drug goes via Part 3, it goes to the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration. Fauci says, ‘Properly these are unbiased scientists at FDA.’ The panel is known as VRBPAC [Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee], and so they’re NOT individuals who work for the FDA. They’re outdoors individuals who’re introduced in.

Properly, the place are they introduced in from? They’re Tony Fauci’s principal investigators from all the colleges, who’re engaged on his different initiatives, and so they’re introduced in to rubber stamp the drug …

They OK it and provides it a license, as a result of they know that, subsequent 12 months, their drug goes to be in entrance of that committee, and they will need the committee to rubber stamp them. So, that committee by no means says no. It all the time inexperienced lights all the things, and it is utterly managed by Fauci. He controls the entire course of …

Each skilled you see on CNN is on Tony Fauci’s payroll, and CNN won’t ever let you know that. It is going to say, ‘That is an unbiased virologist, he is an immunologist at Baylor College, or Stanford, or Harvard.’ They don’t seem to be telling you the place that man’s bread is being buttered, and that the one who’s buttering it’s Tony Fauci, together with your taxpayer {dollars}. The entire system is simply fastened.”

Fauci’s Previous and Rotten Character Are Catching Up on Him

As increasingly more of Fauci’s lies and his funding of sadistic experiments on animals and aborted fetuses are coming to mild, Kenney predicts Fauci will likely be pressured to resign, particularly because the ebook comes out and other people actually begin to perceive what he’s been as much as all these years.

“No person who was not a sadist in his soul would permit [the beagles being eaten by sandflies] experiment to occur,” Kennedy says. “But, Tony Fauci deemed that the most effective use for $450,000 of U.S. taxpayer cash, with the entire screaming wants in public well being.

However it’s not simply $450,000. Hundreds of thousands and tens of millions [of dollars] he has put into these sadistic experiments the place they’re torturing animals to loss of life. Such as you’d see in a schoolyard with little boys, who do not know any higher and have to be informed, ‘You do not do this to a different creature.’ Fauci does not have that intuition, it is missing.

It explains what he has performed throughout COVID — denying early remedy to tens of millions of Individuals and forcing them to endure and die of their houses, or on ventilators and remdesevir, which is a lethal poisonous drug, reasonably than get handled and be wholesome.

And punishing, silencing, censoring, delicensing, discrediting any physician who tries to say, ‘Wait a minute, I have been treating sufferers, and my sufferers aren’t dying, as a result of I am utilizing hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin’ and a complete battery of repurposed medication that we now know deal with just about all COVID instances.

Seventy to 90% of COVID deaths and hospitalizations may have been prevented, and there are a whole bunch of research that assist that. But, he forbids folks from doing it. That could be a sociopath …

And shutting down 1,000,000 companies, is that basically going to save lots of lives? There is no research that indicated it might … We have now 4.2% of the worldwide inhabitants, and we had 14.5% of the deaths. Why is anyone listening to this man? There is no Well being Minister on the planet who has a worse monitor document than Tony Fauci.

There are numerous international locations that had 1/a hundredth of our loss of life price per million in inhabitants. And guess what? These are primarily the African and Asian international locations, that as a matter after all are giving ivermectin for river blindness and hydroxychloroquine for malaria management.”

In assist of Kennedy’s assertion that Fauci will likely be pressured to resign, you may view his latest grilling November 4, 2021, by Sen. Rand Paul in entrance of Congress. What’s most spectacular are the feedback, that are just about unanimously disparaging Fauci.

Fauci’s Deadly, Unlawful Experiments on Kids

In his ebook, Kennedy features a chapter on a number of the animal trials Fauci funded. He additionally tells a far grimmer story, the place the guinea pigs had been Black and Hispanic youngsters. A minimum of 85 of those youngsters died, however the quantity may very well be as excessive as 1,000 or so. Fauci bought these youngsters by arranging for foster care packages in New York and 6 different states to assign youngsters who had misplaced their mother and father to AIDS to take part in drug research.

These youngsters had no guardian, so that they had been unlawful research. To do a medical trial on youngsters, it’s essential to have a guardian appointed who places their pursuits first, forward of the drug corporations. Fauci did not need that, so he allowed these research to go ahead with out a authorized guardian for any of those children. Nobody was watching out for them. The trials weren’t even performed by licensed medical professionals.

“They had been primarily Dominican immigrants, who had been deeply compassionate, who found within the center that they had been truly being employed to deal with these youngsters as guinea pigs, and so they had been killing big numbers of them. Lots of the children did not even have HIV, so that they had no attainable profit from the drug, which is illegitimate.

But Fauci bought away with all of it. I imagine there was a Congressional investigation for a short time, however like all the things that will get close to him, it sort of peters out. The BBC did a documentary on these children again in 2004 referred to as ‘Guinea Pig Youngsters.’

They interviewed these youngsters, [one] who stated, ‘I took the medication. They made me really feel sick. I used to be vomiting, I could not eat, I used to be drained on a regular basis, it was painful, and I refused to take it.’

And once they refused, they had been despatched to a different of Tony Fauci’s principal investigators at Columbia Presbyterian who put in a feeding tube to power feed these youngsters these poisonous chemotherapy medication that they refused to take … As unhealthy as Beagle gate is, what he did to those Black and Hispanic youngsters is even worse.”

COVID-19 — The Fruits of Fauci’s Felony Enterprise

As for the COVID-19 pandemic, Kennedy equates it to the fruits of Fauci’s profession. Within the ebook, he recounts how Fauci has been a key determine in pandemic planning — not essentially methods to stop one, however methods to create it, as infectious illness mortality had dropped so dramatically that infectious ailments had been changing into an more and more low precedence.

To date, each single pandemic that has been dramatized has turned out to be a whole fraud, and the identical may be stated for COVID. All of the whereas, billions of {dollars} had been spent on vaccines.

“They’ve taken all of those classes they realized from all the opposite faux pandemics and rolled it into coronavirus,” Kennedy says. “Now, I need to clarify, I am not saying that coronavirus shouldn’t be a pandemic, or that it does not kill lots of people. It does. However we have all been manipulated by an exaggeration of instances, the exaggeration of deaths, the obscuring of knowledge, the entire manipulations that they’ve performed to us.

[In the book] I’ve an image that any person bought from a Freedom of Data Act request. It’s a March Insanity graph of the entire completely different pandemics — faux pandemics — [Fauci] has tried throughout his profession, all converging with the grand winner being coronavirus. And [Fauci] signed it, any person on his workers made it.

However it was Tony Fauci’s triumph, profitable March Insanity. It is principally an image of his profession. Him making an attempt each three or 4 years a brand new faux pandemic, and eventually hitting on all eight cylinders with coronavirus. It is prefer it’s a joke, and we’re the punchline …

This is what I might say to folks. We have now to cease this. That is the hill that all of us need to die on. In case you are a dad or mum, and also you allow them to give this [COVID shot] to your little one, you aren’t doing all your job as a dad or mum. In case you are a physician, you might be committing malpractice to provide this to a baby. All of us want to withstand.

I might say that each American who sees what’s occurring has to start out partaking in civil disobedience day by day. And which will imply going to a retailer and telling them, in the event that they demand a vaccine passport, that you’re not going to patronize that retailer anymore. It could imply resisting on the job. Don’t stop! Make them hearth you. As a result of then you’ve got a lawsuit.

Proper now, the most effective factor is to make them hearth you for not taking an emergency use authorization vaccine, as a result of there are not any accredited vaccines on this nation out there to any American. It was a fantasy, it was a hoax, it was a chicanery for them to say, ‘We accredited this Comirnaty vaccine.’ Should you go on Pfizer’s web site, it would let you know, ‘We don’t make Comirnaty out there in america.’

Why are they making an attempt to go after our children? This is why. The vaccines can solely get legal responsibility safety as soon as they’re accredited. The one means they get legal responsibility safety is that if they’re on the kid’s vaccination schedule. After which, as soon as the CDC votes them onto the kid vaccination schedule, then they get legal responsibility safety, even for adults.

One lawsuit can bankrupt the corporate in the event that they did not have legal responsibility safety. In order that’s why they are going after our children. They want it to get that legal responsibility safety. And we have to cease them from the collateral harm they are going to trigger to a complete era of youngsters; 26 million youngsters will get a vaccine that is been examined on 1,300 children, with catastrophic outcomes.”

To study extra, remember to choose up a replica of “The Actual Anthony Fauci: Invoice Gates, Large Pharma, and the International Battle on Democracy and Public Well being.” You don’t need to miss this fascinating and punctiliously researched ebook.

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