The Curious Case of Polio, DDT and Vaccines

This story is about polio, pesticide poisoning as a attainable reason behind it, and the which means of science. We’re taught that the science on polio has been settled — however is it so? And what if the world is much extra advanced than we expect, and “the science” is just not settled in any respect?

1958 magazine ad promoting polio vaccines
1958 journal advert from the March of Dimes selling polio vaccines.

How Do We Know That One thing Is Actually True?

Being human comes with fascinating epistemological challenges, particularly at a time like immediately. We consider that now we have a grip on actuality — however our historical past is normally written by the winners — and the winners tend to create their very own actuality that serves their very own pursuits and convictions — and to propagate that actuality with vengeance, insisting that it is “the reality.”

We’re born right into a world the place our dad and mom and lecturers typically dwell off assumptions that aren’t essentially true. Naturally, we inherit a lot of their assumptions — after which find yourself both carrying the torch and internalizing the manufactured actuality — or waking up in the future, realizing that we have been lied to, and shaking our heads in disbelief as we strive to determine if any of what of we have been taught was true. Many people can relate to that liberating and fascinating expertise of awakening!

Generally, the solutions are available as soon as we glance — and typically, we be taught that even the breadcrumbs resulting in the reality have been rigorously swept away over many years or centuries — and so now we have to simply be humble and affected person, use our instincts, our heads and our hearts, do our greatest, and pray that in the future, we might know the reality.

Being human is an train in persistence and humility, that is for certain! With that in thoughts, let’s take a look at the curious case of polio, DDT and different pesticides, and vaccines.

The Official Story of Polio

Everyone knows the official story of polio: Within the early twentieth century, a polio epidemic confirmed up within the prosperous West, and it was unhealthy.

Then in 1954, the Salk Institute got here up with an ideal polio vaccine — and hooray! The epidemic was stopped, and the folks had been now not getting polio. Downside solved! Vaccines save lives! (Due to this fact, it’s immoral, unthinkable and despicable to ever doubt any vaccines. Any questions? Hope not. Case closed.) However is it actually closed, or is there room for debate?

First, let’s study the official idea concerning the onset of the polio epidemic that by chance reveals a “bug” in fashionable science the place the scientists go after fixing one factor — assuming they know higher than nature — after which break one thing else that they haven’t fairly thought by way of. And so then they “patch” it, and break one thing else, and so forth.

And at every flip, there may be normally somebody selling every patch as the best factor on the earth — whereas insisting that solely a idiot would think about unwrapping this “cabbage” of fixes and asking the village yokel query: “Is it attainable that we have not fairly thought issues by way of on the very first flip, and may we possibly lastly suppose it by way of in the end, and alter our strategy accordingly?”

So right here is the official idea of why polio outbreaks began taking place, as advised on

“Polio reached epidemic proportions within the early 1900s in international locations with comparatively excessive requirements of dwelling, at a time when different ailments reminiscent of diphtheria, typhoid, and tuberculosis had been declining. Certainly, many scientists suppose that advances in hygiene paradoxically led to an elevated incidence of polio.

The idea is that previously, infants had been uncovered to polio, primarily by way of contaminated water provides, at a really younger age. Infants’ immune methods, aided by maternal antibodies nonetheless circulating of their blood, might rapidly defeat poliovirus after which develop lasting immunity to it.

Nevertheless, higher sanitary circumstances meant that publicity to polio was delayed till later in life, on common, when a baby had misplaced maternal safety and was additionally extra susceptible to probably the most extreme type of the illness.”

“Transfer Quick and Break Issues”?

Whereas that is solely a idea, albeit an official one — and there are different theories we’re about to discover — let me dare ask a village yokel query and simply depart it on the market: Is it attainable that nature has issues put collectively fairly properly — and that “transferring quick and breaking issues” is a technique that tends to backfire?

And whereas know-how might be fantastic when utilized in stability, is it attainable that it is because of the destruction and poisoning of our surroundings — and our our bodies, and our religious foundations, and our nurturing relationships — that we have turn into intoxicated, stressed, vulnerable to ailments, and depending on industrial-strength “boosters” to remain in a single piece?

Is it attainable that if we received to the basis of it and stopped poisoning our surroundings with such fervor, we might be a lot more healthy? Is it attainable, a minimum of as a thought experiment?

Poliomyelitis-like Signs Brought on by Poisoning

In 1951, Dr. Ralph R. Scobey revealed an article in Archives of Pediatrics, titled “Is the general public well being legislation chargeable for the poliomyelitis thriller?” (NIH hyperlink).

Within the article, Dr. Scobey investigated the proof exhibiting the contagiousness (or not) of poliomyelitis — and talked about how the analysis into advanced causes of the illness had been decapitated as soon as the “official” opinion was declared. Amongst different issues, he acknowledged the next:

“Limitless poliomyelitis analysis ceased abruptly when this illness was legally made a communicable illness. Nevertheless, particular progress towards an answer to the issue was being made earlier than the general public well being legislation made poliomyelitis a germ or virus illness. For instance, it was reported by toxicologists and bacteriologists that poliomyelitis could possibly be produced each by natural and inorganic poisons in addition to by bacterial toxins.

The connection of this illness to beriberi was additionally being given consideration. Nevertheless, these investigations misplaced assist when a germ or virus got here to be thought of by some to be the complete and last reply to the issue. Funds for poliomyelitis analysis had been from then on designated for the investigation of the infectious idea solely.

There are immediately many investigators who’ve robust proof contradicting the infectious idea. Vitamin and mineral deficiency, poison, allergy and different theories are being introduced to clarify the thriller, however these males, due to the general public well being legislation and the restricted capability to acquire funds or cooperation from any supply can not work freely on the issue of reason behind poliomyelitis.

At one time or one other the classical dietary deficiency ailments, beriberi and pellagra, and even sunstroke, have been thought of to be communicable infectious ailments. If by legislation anyone, or all of those ailments, had been made a reportable communicable illness, it’s apparent that immediately it will legally be a germ illness and a seek for the causative germ may nonetheless be in progress.

If beriberi and pellagra had been made reportable communicable ailments, it’s conceivable that the epochal research on nutritional vitamins by Funk and subsequent staff might have been ignored within the seek for the infectious agent because the etiological consider these ailments. The progress of drugs would have been severely retarded.

The time is lengthy overdue for cautious reappraisal of the poliomyelitis drawback and for a lot of succesful staff with numerous opinions concerning the reason for the illness to be given the chance to work and the funds with which to work. The implications of the general public well being legislation that poliomyelitis is an infectious communicable illness should be reconsidered if progress is to be made.”

The Rockefeller Model

In his article, Dr. Scobey additionally talked about that in 1911, Sachs [Sachs, B.: Am. J. Obst. & Gynec., 63: 703-710, April 1911] indicated that “Our current information of the attainable strategies of contagion is predicated virtually solely upon the work completed on this metropolis on the Rockefeller Institute” and that kids bothered with the illness had been saved typically hospital wards and that not a single one of many different inmates of the wards of the hospital was affected with the illness — which in fact contradicted the “viral” idea of polio.

I’d additionally prefer to level out the truth that the Rockefeller household, typically, has in some ways set the foundations of recent medication as we all know it — by funding particularly the analysis that they favored, medical college curricula that helped them form the medical pondering in a manner that might assist them take advantage of cash, and so forth. There’s a purpose why immediately’s petrochemicals-based medication has earned the nickname of “Rockefeller medication“!

A Disclaimer

To me, the dialog about causes of polio is just not concerning the hardcore debate concerning the germ idea vs. the terrain idea, it is about fact in all its complexity. As a human being, I’m at peace realizing that I do not know the “last reply” to that essential query. I believe that “instantaneous gratification” is just not very useful in science!

Thus, on my finish, I’m keen to hearken to all sides — and hold listening, making my working theories, and altering my thoughts as many occasions as I need if good proof presents itself. I believe that each theories might clarify part of actuality, and that with some knowledge, we are able to ultimately work out the stability. However with a purpose to determine it out at any level, we have to be speaking actually and overtly — and that is precisely what’s not taking place in immediately’s official scientific discourse!

Extra on Polio and Poisoning

In 1952, Dr. Scobey revealed an in depth “meta-analysis” titled, “The Poison Explanation for Poliomyelitis And Obstructions To Its Investigation.” (NIH hyperlink), by which he checked out a broad vary of research and analyses that existed on the subject of polio — and he concluded that there gave the impression to be a causal relationship between polio outbreaks and consumptions of sure agricultural merchandise, probably linking polio to pesticide poisoning (for instance, lead and arsenic compounds throughout this pre-DDT interval.). Amongst different issues, he famous:

“Paralysis, ensuing from poisoning, has in all probability been identified for the reason that time of Hippocrates (460-437 B.C.), Boerhaave, Germany, (1765) acknowledged: “We incessantly discover individuals rendered paralytic by exposing themselves imprudently to quicksilver, dispersed into vapors by the fireplace, as gilders, chemists, miners, and so forth., and maybe there are different poisons, which can produce the identical illness, even externally utilized.”

In 1824, Cooke, England, acknowledged: “Among the many thrilling causes of the partial palsies we might reckon the poison of sure mineral substances, notably of fast silver, arsenic, and lead. The fumes of those metals or the receptance of them in answer into the abdomen, have typically causes paralysis.””

“DDT Is Good For Me-e-e”

There was a time when DDT was marketed as “protected and efficient.” It was imagined to be an especially efficient pesticide, and “the consultants” really useful that DDT needs to be spayed in every single place. One of many “advantages” was stopping polio!

Dad and mom despatched their kids to run after the vans spraying DDT and likewise sprayed DDT in every single place in the home — clearly with the most effective of intentions, for the well being of their children and the family. Reminds you of something? Check out the Time Journal situation from June 30, 1947, that ran the next advert:

DDT advertisement

To my senses, these DDT commercials had been so extremely hypnotizing as a result of they had been promoting a fantasy: getting one thing for nothing. And so they had been making it sounds “scientific” and “respectable!” Right here is that this factor, they mentioned, that kills pests like a assassin — however is solely wholesome for people! This is your comfort! Right here is your victory march over nature!

And this industrial under known as DDT a “risk to insect’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” and “a handful of concentrated loss of life”:

And here’s a well-known industrial that featured a civilized entomologist “promoting” African tribesmen on the greatness of DDT. The skeptical tribesmen had been depicted as your acquainted village yokels, and one among their ridiculous, unscientific fears described within the video was that DDT could possibly be toxic.

DDT as a Potential Explanation for Polio

There’s a idea that DDT poisoning was a significant contributor to paralysis recognized as polio. The timeline helps it, and it’s a kind of instances the place I’ve to humbly settle for not realizing the definitive reply at this very second.

The Salk vaccine was launched in 1954. DDT was banned within the U.S. in 1972. Polio was formally eradicated within the U.S. in 1979. (The vaccine-derived model of polio (!) is reported to be spreading now in creating international locations, and, in response to ABC Information, “Extra polio instances now brought on by vaccine than by wild virus.“)

In 2021, Ryan Issues revealed a wonderful, in-depth article known as, “mRNA ‘Vaccines,’ Eugenics, and Push for Transhumanism,” by which he appeared on the hyperlink between polio and DDT, amongst different issues. (I very extremely suggest studying his complete article.)

“One crop pesticide in widespread use on the time was DDT, a extremely poisonous organochlorine that was broadly publicized as being “good for you”, however ultimately banned in 1972. In 1953, Dr Morton Biskind revealed a paper within the American Journal of Digestive Ailments declaring that:

‘McCormick (78), Scobey (100-101), and Goddard (57), in detailed research, have all identified that elements aside from infective brokers are definitely concerned within the etiology of polio, various from dietary defects to quite a lot of poisons which have an effect on the nervous system.’

The hazard of poisonous pesticides, together with DDT, and their disastrous results on the atmosphere had been illustrated by Rachel Carson in her 1962 ebook, Silent Spring.

In more moderen occasions, researchers, Dan Olmstead, co-founder of the Age of Autism, and Mark Blaxil performed two sensible investigations into the polio epidemics of the twentieth century, reaching an identical conclusion to Scobey and Biskind, particularly that the illness was brought on by the widespread use of neurotoxic pesticides reminiscent of arsenite of soda and DDT.

Though Salk’s vaccine was hailed as a hit, the vaccine itself triggered many instances of harm and paralysis. And although there does seem like a convincing correlation between the timing of the vaccine and the discount in polio instances, as all good scientists know, causation does not equal correlation, particularly contemplating the truth that DDT was phased out, a minimum of within the US, over the identical interval.”

An Oblique (and Generally Direct) Connection to Eugenics

In his article, Ryan Issues additionally identified the truth that “Dr Salk’s polio analysis was funded by the mom of Cordelia Scaife Might, an heiress to the Mellon household banking fortune who idealized Margaret Sanger and later joined the board of the Worldwide Deliberate Parenthood Basis,” and who supported obligatory sterilization as a method to restrict beginning charges in creating international locations.

Notably, Might was additionally was on the board of the Inhabitants Council, a corporation based by John D. Rockefeller III centered on inhabitants discount. The eagerness of the wealthiest households for inhabitants management (below their management) and eugenics is just not a conspiracy idea. It has been totally documented even within the mainstream media.

So far as Margaret Sanger of Deliberate Parenthood, in her 1932 “Plan for Peace,” she advocated for “a stern and inflexible coverage of sterilization and segregation to that grade of inhabitants whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits could also be transmitted to offspring,” in addition to for “giving sure dysgenic teams in our inhabitants their alternative of segregation or sterilization.”

By the best way, in response to Issues, in 1995, the Inhabitants Council collaborated with the WHO on their fertility regulating vaccines.

Meals for Thought?

So let me simply say that as a lot as vaccines — like some other medication — might be of nice use when completed properly, with integrity, and with out fanaticism — the final subject of vaccines is rather less rosy and a bit of extra murky than any one among us would need to consider in an excellent world. All of it is determined by who runs and applications and the way — and the instinctive, history-based apprehensions of the village yokels aren’t with out trigger!

In conclusion, I’ll say that having the identical group of people that have traditionally been huge followers of eugenics now run each the official transition to what they name “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the worldwide “well being response” does not make me really feel relaxed. It is a bit of unlikely that they’ve since repented and are actually attempting to assist us.

I imply, yeah, miracles occur — and I need to consider within the goodness of individuals — however they nonetheless appear to be saying that we’ll be consuming cockroach meat for our personal good, so I do not know …

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