The Plan to Tag Us for the New World Order Slave System

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, whom I’ve interviewed twice beforehand, was among the many first U.S. physicians to develop an early therapy program for the novel SARS-CoV-2 an infection. He popularized using hydroxychloroquine and zinc, and when hydroxychloroquine grew to become more and more tough to acquire, he was additionally among the many first to determine quercetin as a viable different.

When the pandemic began, Zelenko was practising in New York. He has since moved to Florida, the place he’s been giving interviews for a number of hours a day, making an attempt to unfold the phrase about early therapy and prevention. As famous by Zelenko:

“It is a very treatable an infection — or ought to I say bioweapon? — if completed inside the first few days, as a result of COVID is 2 illnesses. It is the infectious stage of the virus, after which every week later, you have got the pathogenic inflammatory response that does all of the injury to the lungs and causes blood clots.

So, it is all about timing. And the information could be very clear. There are dozens of peer-reviewed research that show should you deal with COVID inside the first few days, you have got an 85% discount in hospitalization and demise. It is a no-brainer. You may have saved 700,000 individuals from going to the hospital out of 800,000.”

Whereas licensed to apply medication in Florida, Zelenko now spends most of his time educating the general public and different docs. He’s additionally out there through telemedicine, however his ardour has grow to be researching and growing easy, pure approaches to complicated well being issues — together with his personal.

The Highway Much less Traveled

Zelenko has a uncommon kind of most cancers referred to as pulmonary artery sarcoma, which is often deadly. He’s additionally undergone two open-heart surgical procedures and three years of chemo and radiation, none of which has resolved his issues.

“Nearly 4 years in the past, I used to be identified with pulmonary artery sarcoma. There are solely 10 instances on common per 12 months, they usually’re all discovered at post-mortem. In my case, they thought it was a blood clot that did not reply to blood-thinning treatment.

So, the choice was made to do an embolectomy, open my chest, go into the pulmonary artery and take out the blood clot. However after they did that, they noticed it was a tumor, and it had utterly destroyed my proper lung. So, I misplaced my proper lung. They usually resected a big a part of the pulmonary artery and needed to reconstruct it since you want that artery to stay.

Then I used to be in chemo … I used to be fairly good for 2 years, after which it got here again and had unfold to my hip as nicely. And so, I had one other open-heart surgical procedure. They needed to substitute considered one of my coronary heart valves, pulmonic valve. Then I went for radiation to my hip [followed by] actually heavy chemo.

After two months on that, I went into congestive coronary heart failure and developed cardiomyopathy … I recovered from that, and was placed on coronary heart failure treatment … A month after that … I developed COVID pneumonia … I used to be fairly positive I used to be going to depart in a field, but I recovered.

A couple of months later, I went for one more CT scan, they usually discovered, once more, the tumor was again within the pulmonary artery, however this time, no physician wished to function on me. A 3rd open-heart process could be very harmful. They estimated greater than 50% probability I’d die on the desk, which I did not like. So, I ended up having fairly intense radiation to my mediastinum, the place the tumor was.

That is once you got here into the image, when it comes to advising me about therapy. I ended up having immunotherapy in Europe for 2 months with checkpoint inhibitors, but in addition hyperthermia and mistletoe injections, and alpha lipoic acid, high-dose vitamin C [infusions] and completely different different modalities. And I really feel higher than ever.

I had a CT scan final week, and it confirmed the tumor shrank by one-third. I spoke to the radiation oncologist who advised me {that a} good consequence would’ve been the identical measurement or smaller. It takes years to resolve. So, time will inform, nevertheless it’s simpler for me to stroll, and hemodynamically I am extra steady, and I really feel good. Amen.”

The Shocking Position of Immunotherapy in Most cancers

Total, the “COVID story has utterly modified the way in which I have a look at life,” Zelenko says. When he noticed how pure, efficient, over-the-counter options for COVID had been suppressed, whereas experimental gene switch photographs had been pushed, he realized different therapies may also be suppressed, corresponding to most cancers therapies.

“In all probability, efficient approaches had been marginalized in lieu of the dearer pharmaceutical approaches,” he says. “I am going to offer you one instance. Dr. [William] Coley was an oncological surgeon who lived round 100 years in the past, possibly 120 years in the past. He seen that he would function on his sufferers, and the tumor would come again and they’d die. After which he noticed one thing very fascinating.

He had a affected person with pancreatic most cancers, Stage 4, inoperable. That affected person obtained very sick with an an infection and have become septic. He nearly died, however he recovered and his tumor went away. He seen that kind of phenomenon a couple of extra instances, and realized that there should be some immune response, immune response to the an infection that wakes up the immune system to additionally assault the tumor.

So principally, in my view, that was the start of immunotherapy. Fever appears to play a job. It appears to have antitumor properties, in addition to activating sure elements of your immune system. So, it is fascinating. And that info was buried for very long time — 50, 60 years — till some docs rediscovered it and began doing analysis. And I benefited from that in Europe.”

Hyperthermic Remedy for Most cancers

We’ve come a good distance for the reason that days of Coley, who used toxins to set off an infection and fever. At present, hyperthermic therapy is used as an alternative. Mainly, it’s all about elevating your physique temperature to about 104 levels Fahrenheit for 4 to 6 hours. Zelenko describes the therapy he underwent:

“It was fairly an expertise, having a temperature round 40 Celsius, for instance 104 levels Fahrenheit, for 5 hours. You grow to be a bit crazy and a bit anxious, however I drank a number of fluids and had a nurse with me on a regular basis. It was a fairly fascinating expertise.

There have been whole-body hyperthermia machines and localized hyperthermia. Each are principally a elaborate sauna. It was like a spa really. I did benefit from the therapy typically.”

As an apart, I sincerely imagine sauna bathing is without doubt one of the strongest biohacks out there. I do it 4 instances every week. I get my temperature as much as about 102 levels F. or so, for 20 minutes. I’ve discovered it to be a profoundly efficient well being behavior to nip infections within the bud, and may assist put the brakes on any potential malignancies. I’m at the moment utilizing a prototype full-spectrum SaunaSpace sauna that’s EMF-free, has eight 250 watt bulbs and can seemingly be out there later this 12 months.

Omicron Is Unstoppable, However Not To Be Feared

Getting again to the difficulty of COVID, over the previous two years, the SARS-CoV-2 an infection has gone by means of various modifications. Omicron, for instance, is way extra contagious, however has far much less extreme signs. As famous by Zelenko:

“Omicron is unstoppable. It is extra infectious than measles. Everybody’s going to get it. Sorry, however that is the case. Nonetheless, it appears to assault solely the higher airway typically, and there are only a few deaths. It’s very conscious of therapy as nicely, so there is not any cause to be afraid of it.”

The truth is, we seem to have been gifted a best-case state of affairs, during which a extremely contagious virus will rip by means of the inhabitants, inflicting solely delicate chilly signs, thus producing herd immunity with out the danger of mass casualties. “When two-thirds of the inhabitants will get by means of it, it basically shuts down the pandemic,” Zelenko says.

Vaccinating Throughout a Pandemic Breeds Variants

Within the interview, Zelenko explains how the numerous variants we’ve seen have most likely been a results of the mass “vaccination” marketing campaign.

Three revered immunologists, Dr. Luc Montagnier (who received the Nobel Prize in 2008 for his discovery of the HIV virus), Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, probably the most revealed immunologist in historical past, and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a high immunologist in The Netherlands, have all warned that once you mass vaccinate in the course of an lively outbreak, you trigger variants to emerge.

“You exert evolutionary strain and breed extra various viruses,” Zelenko says. “Now, there are two or three prospects. One could possibly be that it was unintentional. Good, well-meaning individuals developed what they thought would assist — a vaccine. Nonetheless, giving it to individuals throughout a pandemic has been an absolute failure. ‘Oops, we’re sorry.’ That is one chance.

The opposite chance is that whoever has orchestrated this is aware of precisely what they’re doing, and they’re doing it on function to keep up the brand new variants and the implications of that, which is actually a psyop [to cause] a worldwide psychosis on account of concern, lockdowns and sporting a face diaper.

There’s yet another chance. There isn’t any dispute; everybody who is aware of the details and has studied the difficulty is aware of that COVID-19 is a weapon made in a laboratory. Acquire-of-function analysis is nothing greater than making a weapon of mass destruction and genocide, and there is a patent path 20 years lengthy that paperwork the completely different phases of improvement of this weapon.

And here is my supposition. I’ve no proof of this, however I may say the next: If I may make the unique virus, I may make variants. It’s extremely simple. You simply change a couple of sequences of the code that goes with the spike protein. You alter its three-dimensional form, and should you do it sufficient, remove current antibodies.

So once more, I haven’t got proof for that, however I do have proof that [SARS-CoV-2] is an artificially-made bioweapon. So why would not it’s potential to make variants the identical means? I feel it is form of a mixture, multifactorial explanation for variants — the pure God issue, the evolutionary strain exerted by vaccinating individuals throughout an lively pandemic, after which simply outright making them.”

Antidotes to the Bioweapon Had been Developed Beforehand

Zelenko goes on to recount a comparatively latest realization. Again in March 2020, he noticed a MedCram video, episode 34,1 during which Dr. Roger Seheult defined a few of the ideas that he then ended up constructing his COVID protocol on. Seheult particularly quoted a paper that defined the functioning of zinc ionophores.

That mechanism is what Zelenko relied upon when growing his personal protocol. Nonetheless, he didn’t notice till December 2021 that the writer of that central paper was Dr. Ralph Baric. Why does that matter? Zelenko explains:

“In 1999, Ralph Baric, funded by the U.S. authorities, on the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, found out the right way to take an animal virus and have it have the ability to infect different species, completely different animals, in different phrases, cross-species an infection.

In 2015, the identical Dr. Ralph Baric, and Dr. Zhengli [at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China], funded by the Nationwide Institutes of Well being, found out the right way to make a corona bat virus infect human beings, and augmented its lethality to human lives. That was in 2015. However in 2010, Baric revealed that paper that I am referring to.

So, the event of the weapon occurred in phases, however earlier than it was unleashed onto the human inhabitants, or the event of it having the ability to infect human beings, an antidote was made. Analysis paid for by the federal government was revealed.

The identical people who made the bomb, for instance, additionally created the antidote to diffuse the bomb. After which, when the pandemic arrived, docs like myself, out of necessity, got here up with artistic options, based mostly — in my case, unknowingly — on this work. And instantly, that info was marginalized and suppressed, and docs had been deplatformed for advocating for it.

So, the federal government who made the bomb additionally knew in regards to the resolution. And the explanation why is that they did not need to die. The stakeholders right here don’t desire their households to die. However for you and for me, they’ve a unique agenda. So, they’d that info.

I’ve information that the Google executives are all taking hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for prophylaxis, as is half of Congress. And so, the people who have orchestrated this knew the reply, and use it for themselves. Even docs know the reply for themselves.

They prescribe [these drugs] for themselves, or they name me. However when sufferers come, they are saying there is not any therapy, go dwelling, take Tylenol. So, that is mass homicide.”

The COVID Jabs — One other Crime Towards Humanity

Along with killing untold numbers of individuals by denying and suppressing early therapy choices, governments around the globe are additionally killing individuals with the COVID jabs. A 12 months into the aggressive marketing campaign to inject as many individuals as potential, it’s seemingly the photographs have killed extra individuals than have died from the an infection. It’s very tough to inform, sadly, as a result of the information are so severely manipulated.

Zelenko estimates someplace between 500,000 to 1 million People have been killed by the photographs so far. Disturbingly, the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration was conscious that the photographs may have severe penalties, but they pushed them anyway. What’s extra, they refuse to deal with the mindboggling variety of adversarial occasions reported to the Vaccine Adversarial Occasions Reporting System (VAERS). The protection sign couldn’t probably be clearer.

“In October, 2020, two months earlier than the vaccine rollout, there was an inside presentation within the FDA to its scientists, and on slide 16 of that presentation, there was an inventory of negative effects: demise, coronary heart assault, stroke, blood clots, horrific neurological illnesses, myocarditis and plenty of, many extra,” Zelenko says.

“Now take into accout, that is two months previous to the rollout. After the vaccines had been rolled out, and some months into it, when the VAERS database began exhibiting the negative effects that folks had been experiencing, there is a 100% correlation with what that slide mentioned would occur, and what really occurred to human beings.

That’s premeditated mass homicide. FDA knew precisely what it was doing. They knew precisely the negative effects, they usually launched it anyway …”

What’s the Actual Agenda?

Why would the FDA behave this fashion? Why aren’t they safeguarding public well being from a clearly deadly therapy? And however, why aren’t they permitting docs to assist individuals with early therapy? Zelenko explains:

“Within the mid-‘90s, it grew to become apparent that the American financial system was doomed. The Medicare and Social Safety methods would grow to be bancrupt, and that might trigger a tsunami-like impact nationally and internationally. And it was unstoppable. It was [mathematically inevitable].

Medicare, based on Congressional Price range Workplace, in 2027 will start the method in the direction of chapter. So, safety as of immediately [will last until] 2034. Now, the key stakeholders on the planet economies noticed an existential menace. They understood that their energy and wealth was in actual jeopardy.

And so a plan was developed, which was past the know-how at the moment, however the know-how was being developed. So, for instance, the Human Genome Mission was mapped and accomplished.

Then CRISPR know-how was developed, which is gene modifying or gene splicing in very exact methods. That was bought as a option to treatment genetic illnesses. There is a faulty gene. You’ll be able to simply reduce it out and splice in, reduce and paste, principally, a wholesome gene.

That is the upside. The draw back is that it creates prospects to do gene modifying for nefarious causes. In 2015, Invoice Gates mentioned that the world inhabitants must be lowered by 15% by means of using vaccines due to international warming.

The identical Invoice Gates in 2020 mentioned 7 billion individuals should be vaccinated. So, the apparent rhetorical query is, ‘Why would I take a vaccine for my well being from somebody who’s advocating using vaccines to scale back the world inhabitants?’

In 2016, Klaus Schwab, in an interview mentioned one thing very unusual. He mentioned that inside 10 years, by 2026, each single human being can be tagged with a digital identifier. What does that imply, and why?

Let’s undergo the sequence of occasions. A bioweapon is made with an antidote, which is being suppressed and hidden. [The bioweapon] is launched. It is extraordinarily simple to deal with. Nonetheless, that info is being suppressed, and entry to these medicines is being suppressed, and docs who’re advocating for it are being persecuted.

Something that appears to present individuals hope, reduce anxiousness, encourage reintegration along with your family members appears to be instantly vilified, even early intervention. For those who have a look at the NIH, they suggest, as of immediately, to not deal with COVID except they’re within the hospital with lung injury. Do not try this.

And so, I used to be questioning, what is admittedly happening? And why this incessant push to vaccinate everybody? Why jail docs for utilizing meds at work? As a result of it encourages the vaccine hesitancy.

Then I noticed one thing. There have been two patents that I grew to become conscious of. They’re separated by a 12 months, however they’re linked within the puzzle, within the idea. One was August 31, 2021, that describes … nanotechnology engineering.2 It principally describes the next:

That there’s the aptitude, the know-how, already current, in these vaccines that enables for the measurement of biometric knowledge, that means your coronary heart fee, your respiratory fee, temperature, after which the transmission of that knowledge along with your location to a 3rd celebration.

That did not even make sense to me. Like what? However then I noticed there’s one other patent owned by Microsoft. This one I keep in mind by coronary heart. It is a global patent, WO202060606. You’ll be able to’t make these things up. That patent describes linkage of biometric knowledge transmission to cryptocurrency.

Then I obtained it. And by the way in which, 2026, when everybody’s speculated to be tagged with a digital ID, let’s name it an inside Auschwitz tattoo, is a 12 months earlier than the start of the insolvency of Medicare and the start of financial collapse. And so, the actual agenda has grow to be apparent to me.

It is by no means been about well being. COVID-19 is simple to deal with. It was all the time about utilizing concern and mass psychosis to get 7 billion individuals to willfully get injected with the know-how that might allow them to take part within the new cryptocurrency-based system, the system that the world will use for finance.

Fiat foreign money and all the normal methods of transactions can be gone. The one means that you simply really will have the ability to take part in transactions, of shopping for bread, for instance, is having a transmitting sensor of data along with your location. It is the mark of the beast, should you actually need to know. With that, you may then purchase bread for your loved ones …

Gates and Schwab [are] each speaking speak about how these vaccines change who you might be. What does that imply? They clarify it. [With] the gene modifying know-how, they’re making the human higher. That is transhumanism. I name it Human 2.0. Human 1.0 is the model made by God. We’re is imprinted [with God] in our genetic code. We’re made within the picture of God as a result of we now have his code in us.

Now, would you give Invoice Gates or Klaus Schwab the password to your own home safety system? Why would we give him entry to our genetic code? Human 2.0, within the demented, wicked, deranged minds of those individuals is the subsequent step up within the evolution of human beings. And I am saying that should you enable that to occur to your self, you are now not made within the picture of God. You are made within the picture of Invoice Gates and Klaus Schwab.”

A Ploy to Tag Us for the NWO’s Slave System

So, in abstract, Zelenko believes that all the pieces we’ve skilled to this point — the aggressive advertising and marketing of the photographs, the coercion and threats made to get as many injected as potential — has all been a ploy to “tag” as many individuals as potential in preparation for the New World Order’s cryptocurrency system, which can be managed by a small choose group, and used to enslave all of humanity.

As famous by Zelenko, the World Financial Discussion board has publicly introduced that by 2030, the U.S. will now not be a superpower, and some nations can be in control of international governance. Now, how do you destabilize an financial engine just like the U.S.?

“You create a pandemic,” Zelenko says. “You lock down center class companies, small companies … However you allow Walmart and Dwelling Depot open … It’s a wealth switch from the center class to the individuals in energy. It is a theft, principally.

That is one massive try at enslaving humanity. It is a sensible plan, by the way in which. It is evil, nevertheless it’s sensible as a result of slavery has all the time been probably the most profitable business and asset all through human historical past. Now could be no completely different. And so, you have got a couple of sociopaths who imagine of their immortality and suppose that they will switch their consciousness to some cyborg, having fun with the entire world as their playground.”

Zelenko goes on to debate the statements inscribed on the Georgia Guidestones, an enormous granite monument erected anonymously in a small city in Georgia, which lays out 10 commandments. The primary one is that the world inhabitants must be lowered to and maintained at 500 million. If the COVID photographs proceed, it’s not inconceivable that the human inhabitants is perhaps lowered to that measurement.

The Why Behind the Genocide

A couple of months in the past, Elon Musk debuted his humanoid robots, saying that since these robots will remove 90% of the workforce, we due to this fact want common fundamental earnings. This too is a part of The Nice Reset plan, which embraces each technocracy and transhumanism.

“Understand that within the minds of those individuals, we’re not made within the divine [image]. We’re cockroaches. They usually’re not going to throw limitless common earnings assets at cockroaches for too lengthy. They’re going to do it initially to determine the ineffective eaters, after which they are going to be liquidated. This has occurred earlier than.

Simply 80 years in the past you had the Nazi ideology based mostly on eugenics, which created three lessons of individuals. You have got the ubermensch, what Nietzsche would name Superman. Then the mensch, which is the human, after which the untermensch, which is the subhuman. Within the [Nazi] mannequin, the [Nazis were] Supermen, descendants of Aryan gods. That gave them the facility to enslave others.

So, for instance, the Anglo-Saxons, principally Europeans, had been meant to be slaves to the Aryans. And the subhumans, which I belong to — Jews, gypsies, Slavs, handicapped, political prisoners — we had been meant to be vaporized, grow to be mud.

That ideology didn’t go away. It resurfaced with the nuance that isn’t antisemitic proper now. In a form of an summary means, we’re all Jews this time, as a result of the hierarchy right here shouldn’t be based mostly on faith or id, however fairly on the deranged perception that they’ve advanced, the Superman of this technology, into the next stage of consciousness.

They’re woke they usually perceive and are enlightened in regards to the nature of the human situation. They’re custodians of the planet, and due to this fact it is their duty to ensure the planet has solvency, that it continues to exist. And due to this fact, we now have to scale back the world inhabitants.”

Trigger for Optimism

Whereas humanity is in a most precarious scenario, Zelenko is optimistic in regards to the future.

“I am going to inform you what I actually suppose is occurring,” he says. “There’s what we see, after which there’s the, let’s name it non secular physics, at play. Karl Jung, the well-known psychoanalyst, wrote, ‘The ethical degradation of society begins with the degradation of the person.’ From that, we are able to really be taught that ethical enchancment of society begins with enchancment of the person.

We, as a society, over the past 50, 60 years, have made some very dangerous selections. For instance, we have desanctified or defiled gender roles … Marriage has misplaced its sanctity. The unborn are being massacred. Within the Bible, there are two cities that had been destroyed, Sodom and Gomorrah, and there is an evaluation why that occurred. It wasn’t due to the immorality, as a result of the entire world was immoral.

It was as a result of they codified immorality into the regulation of the land. That is precisely what has occurred in [the U.S.] We have devolved … We worship the God of science, the god of know-how, the god of cash, god of energy. Something however [the true] God. And we’re clearly practising little one sacrifice.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, advised me personally, after which he really publicized it, that for each one little one that dies of COVID, 100 die from the vaccine. The [COVID shot] is 100 instances extra deadly to kids than COVID. What do you name that? That is little one sacrifice.

So, I really feel that, by means of analogy, we’re within the technology of flood. The home goes to get cleaned, and every particular person is given a option to get on the ark or not.

Or, to make it easier, who do you bow all the way down to? Do you bow all the way down to your creator, who makes you in each instantaneous of time? Do you ask [God] for fortitude, endurance, power, resolve, the power to take care of the unknown and concern? Or are you going to present in to the concern and bow all the way down to corrupt sociopaths, oligarchs, corrupt governments, and the false promise of the golden calf of those vaccines?

As a result of at this level, on this nation at the least, nobody’s holding you down and placing a needle into your arm. Nearly all of individuals, they need to journey by aircraft. They do not need to lose their job. They need to go to highschool. It is all these sorts of high quality of life choices. In different phrases, in a traditional society, the mother and father sacrifice for the well-being of the kids. In pagan societies, we sacrifice the kids for the aim of the adults.”

Peaceable Civil Disobedience Is the Reply

So, what’s the reply? Can we cease this transhumanist trajectory that threatens the very core of what makes us human? Can we stop this plan for our enslavement from coming to fruition? Zelenko believes there’s a means, as do I.

“The reply is we want organized civil disobedience. Don’t comply. They cannot imprison everybody. They cannot fireplace everybody. They cannot expel everybody. They cannot lock down everybody. There’s many extra of us than them. And really, let me converse to the navy leaders, to the police, to individuals which are charged to guard society.

You even have kids. You even have mother and father. And we’re counting on you to do what’s finest for the residents of this nation, to guard us from all enemies, overseas and home. All we have to do is to coalesce with like-minded individuals. Take your children out of faculty. Homeschool them. You’ll be able to educate them morality.

The World Well being Group got here out with an edict that in case your children go to highschool, that is implied consent for the vaccine since you may haven’t despatched them. And because you despatched them to highschool, that is implying that you simply’re consenting for them to be vaccinated, even with out your information.

Mainly, we now have to make small pockets, like cities of refuge, in a way, of like-minded individuals; create an alternate society; do commerce with ourselves. I do know there are forces actually working arduous to create an alternate cryptocurrency or blockchain system that’s decentralized and would enable for individuals who do not need to be tagged with a digital identifier to transact with one another.”

As famous by Zelenko, it’s changing into increasingly apparent that the pandemic measures had been by no means about defending us from COVID. It was all the time about creating a brand new world order. It was about setting the stage for a Nice Reset to “Construct Again Higher.”

However higher for whom? The Construct Again Higher plan is about constructing “a society run by a couple of sociopaths and the remainder of us enslaved,” Zelenko says. The excellent news is that increasingly individuals at the moment are beginning to see this plan, and “as soon as that realization reaches a sure threshold of individuals, nations are going to alter and fall like dominoes,” he says.

As for once we would possibly get our freedom again, that depends upon us. As famous by Zelenko, “freedom is not free.” We had been free (at the least up till 2020) as a result of our forefathers had the braveness to confront tyranny. If we wish our youngsters to be free, we now must show that very same braveness.

“Whether or not or not our youngsters can be free depends upon whether or not or not we’re able to sacrifice,” Zelenko says. “Are we prepared, on this technology, to pay the worth to make sure that our youngsters thrive in freedom and have the power to keep up God consciousness?

It is going to occur. The unknown variable is to physique depend. I’d hope that this interview reaches the consciousness of each single human being. Individuals should select to say no from this level on.”

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